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The Giving Tree

Each year we want to make sure that everyone in our community has the opportunity to enjoy Christmas and the holidays. For many parents this time of year can be difficult financially, and for some the financial strain prevents them from being able to buy Christmas gifts for their children. We, as a church community, would love to come alongside those parents and assist them in purchasing gifts for their children, so for three weekends in December, we will have Giving Trees set up at every campus. 

The Giving Tree is a wooden tree that will be covered with tags representing children who’s parents need assistance in buying Christmas gifts for them. What we can do is take tags from off the Giving Tree and then, in the following weeks before Christmas, we can bring back a gift card of $25 or $50 to Target, Walmart, Fred Meyer, Toys ‘R’ Us, or Macy’s to be used for a Christmas gift for that child. This is such an excellent opportunity for us to bless others in our church community this Christmas. 

The Giving Trees and tags representing children in our church community will be up at all campuses starting December 4th. It would be greatly appreciated if all gift cards for the children could be brought back to the Next Steps Bar or placed in the Giving Containers by December 18th so that we can distribute the gift cards to these families before Christmas.

Thank you so much for your generosity toward the children of our church! 

If you regularly attend The City Church with your children and are in need of assistance to purchase gifts for your children this Christmas, you are welcome to fill out and submit an online form at

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Todd Kennedy

This is very thought-provoking

Kiran Masih


Charles Tippets

I’m having trouble logging on time the city church web sight

On Nov 29, 2016 4:43 PM, “Kiran Masih on The City” <(email address removed)>

Charles Tippets

Can you please say more about the tree giving here on my email.
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On Nov 29, 2016 4:43 PM, “Kiran Masih on The City” <(email address removed)>

Todd Kennedy

How can I participate? I’m ill and confined to my house (I’m serious).

On Tuesday, November 29, 2016, Kiran Masih on The City <
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Marchelle Spring

How can a person sign up for the Giving Tree?  Please let me know.  Thank you.

Jaime Whitfield

How do I add my 2 children so that they can be hung on the giving tree???

Brianna Struthers

I do not attend The City Church but I need Christmas help and Clothes for myself and was referred to The City Church. Can I still sign up for help? If not how do I go about getting assistance? Thank you

Holly Connell

I cannot click on the forms above to get help for myself and son. Can someone please email me the form? My email is

Holly Connell

How come if you’re logged in you can’t click on the forms to fI’ll out!

Barbra Kuhfeld

Hi I am a single mom and I need ? Is thir any help left for the giving tree

Barbra Kuhfeld

I can’t log on eathiet I need help as well

Todd Kennedy


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To: (email address removed)

Holly Connell

They closed it

Babette Van Hook

Pastor Judah said at last week’s service if you have no where to go for
Christmas meal to tell someone…well I did and we, my son and I, have no
place to share Christmas meal with anyone :( which means someone dropped
the ball or everyone is just too busy to step forward. On top of all that
my Safeway gift card is missing. No food money til January 6…
We now have to go without Christmas dinner with friends or family again…
On Dec 22, 2016 11:58 AM, “Holly Connell on The City” <(email address removed)>